Does Cebu City own the lot used for the city hospital, which is officially if ambitiously named Cebu City Medical Center?

Presumably it does, by mere possession and the absence of any adverse claim, although a part of it has been occupied by the Bureau of Fire

Protection which insists BFP owns the lot on which the Natalio Bacalso Ave. fire station sits.

Ownership was questioned by a city councilor (Bebs Andales, who with Gerry Carillo, flanks Tomas Osme¤a’s wife in the session room) who, however, couldn’t cite an adverse title. Bebs said he just wants to be sure as the city, with the Department of Health, will spend a lot of money on it.

As a politician, Bebs also wants to be sure if no family would be dislocated by the project.

An architect said “yes, there will be no one displaced.” That sounded like “yes, we have no bananas” but the assurance seemed good enough.

But hey guys, why not present the title?

That would silence the noise over ownership.