THE Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital (CLMMRH) will open its emergency room at the Burgos St. side of the hospital in March this year, hospital chief Dr. Julius Drilon said Thursday.

The new emergency room will have more space for the convenience of patients and their caretakers, he said.

The opening was delayed due to technical reasons since they need to reposition the existing facility to come up with a wider entrance, bigger waiting area, and comfort rooms as well as set up security arrangements.

Drilon said they have to address traffic management in the area, and he has also written utility companies asking them to arrange the cable and electric wires conspicuously messed up in front of the CLMMRH.

He added that he also asked Mayor Monico Puentevella to get ready in addressing the traffic concern because very soon, Burgos Street will become a busy area once the emergency room moves there.

"Mayor Puentevella and I are talking often and he must ask the agencies concerned to take up the cudgels," Drilon said.

ISO Certification

Drilon also revealed that on February 6, external auditors will come to CLMMRH to assess if the hospital can pass the requirements in adopting world standards with its application for an ISO certification.

"We have prepared for this for almost nine months already. Our main objective is really patient satisfaction,” he said.

"We have espoused this in our series of meetings and seminars, we are retooling, restructuring and refocusing our organization towards the objectives of the Department of Health and the ISO standards,” Drilon added.

The aspects of the ISO certification cover cleanliness, attitude of personnel, patient care, documents, records, among others.

"If we fail, we will re-apply until such time that our operations can already adopt world standards. February 6 is the day of the reckoning for all of us. We commit to provide you with better service in the next few weeks and months to come,” the hospital chief said.