IT'S a catchy name for a restaurant owned by two long-time friends, the tisay Baby Suico and the Pinay Nene Treveño.

They have been friends for over three decades, starting with their stint as employees of the Philippine Air Lines. They had traveled to a lot of destinations together and now retired, they still travel together with their families in tow. They also love to eat, to try new dining places together.

Finally, being both retired, they decided to set up a business together and being foodies, they decided to open a restaurant.

With the help of chef Vance Borja, they have set up a menu they have labeled “Katsilang Pinoy Cuisine,” tailored to their own character and lineage: a lot of Spanish food that have become familiar to the Filipino palate like lengua and callos (both very, very good), pollo frito (fried chicken), calamares and gambas, along with sisig, crispy pata, and a lot of other delectable dishes.

For soup Katsinoy has fish and tomato, and mushroom and chorizo (very hearty). For salads, the place offers “Lite Green Salad” or “Heavy Tomato Salad” or “Tostados.” It has a selection of pastas (spaghetti or penne with spicy sausage or pescada or vegetali or setas or spicy shrimp bonito) and many tapas to choose from. One of the favorites in this section is “Pan con Alioli,” a multi-grain bread with the alioli dip (garlic-oil), a great healthy food. Other entrees in the main menu are solomillo, cerdo asado, pollo asado, “Fan Dory Pepe,” sizzling beef cubes and fried beef cubes.

And, yes, it has a menu specifically for kids: baked pasta or cheesy French fries,

both of which can be a teener’s merienda. For dessert, the restaurant has crème brulee and leche flan and ice cream.

Katsinoy is located along A.S. Fortuna, Banilad (Cebu City) side (between Arcy Gayatin’s shop and Treveños Arts and Antiques). It is open from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily. Customers can have free Wi-Fi connection and for this month, it serves unlimited rice and iced tea, plus 10 percent discount on the food bill.