MANILA -- More than a hundred call center agents, on Monday, protested what they call as an illegal closure of business process outsourcing (BPO), Leadamorphosis, in downtown Cebu City.

According to a statement released by the Inter-Call Center Association of Workers (ICCAW), the sudden closure of the company has proven to be a curse to workers, most of which are considered as breadwinners.

“Leadamorphosis management took away the joy from Christmas and the hope for the new year. Fly-by-night BPO companies like Leadamorphosis are a scourge on young workers and breadwinners,” said Marnick Unabia, spokesperson for the affected employees.

They mentioned how Leadamorphosis did not submit any required notices with DOLE for bankruptcy, insolvency, redundancy or closure before abruptly shutting down last January 8.

In addition, the group of about 120 workers also accused the company of non-payment of their salaries last month.

Leadamporphosis workers said that they only received 30 percent of their wages due for December 15 to 31, while none of the mandatory deductions for the last quarter of last year have been remitted.

According to ICCAW, the affected workers are set to file complaints against the management before the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

For her part, ICCAW Spokesperson Rosie Hong believes that the problem could have been mitigated had the DOLE implement its own order requiring BPO companies to put up cash bonds.

“The DOLE has been found sleeping once more on the job. Where can Leadamorphosis workers now get their unpaid wages and unremitted deductions in the absence of a bond?” said Hong.

Back in 2013, DOLE had decided to mandate call centers to post cash bonds, which is equivalent to one-month salary and benefits of the total number of employees.

This was in response to the sudden closure of another call center firm, Direct Access, which resulted to the unemployment of 600 workers.

“Does the DOLE want a dozen more BPO companies to run away from its obligations to thousands of workers before it acts on its responsibilities?” Hong asked. (HDT/Sunnex)