TRAFFIC Aide Michael Villareal was on the lookout for overspeeding drivers at past midnight Monday, but he did not expect whom he would be handing over a citation ticket to -- former Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, who was driving beyond the speed limit.

Villareal was by himself along Quimpo Boulevard around 10:30 a.m. Monday when a white Subaru SUV sped by from the area of Ecoland West Drive toward the general direction of Matina.

The speedgun tapped the speed at 57 kilometers per hour, and so he flagged down the vehicle. Maximum speed along Quimpo is 40 kph.

Traffic Management Center head Superintendent Rhodelio Poliquit said Villareal was surprised and shaking when he realized who he was issuing a temporary operator’s permit.

"Pero iyang ingon, basig mas mawad-an siyag trabaho kung dili niya buhaton iyang trabaho (But he told me, he might lose his job for not doing his job)," Poliquit told Sun.Star Davao in a phone interview.

"Maayo iyang nahimong decision. Pagtawag niya sa akoa, gi-report unsay nahitabo, una nako gipangutana sa iya kung giunsa niya pag approach. Kung na recognize ba niya dayon, nangayo ba siya ug katahuran. Ang ingon niya sa akoa, na recognize daw, nangayo gyud daw siyag katahuran ug in fact nangayo pud siyag pasaylo dayon (It was a good decision. When he called me and reported what happened, I asked him how he approached her. He said he was able to recognize her, greeted her, and even apologized)," he said.

Villareal still sounded nervous when he called, Poliquit said.

But the TMC chief is confident that Villareal was courteous in doing his job.

"Pero karon naa siya sa opisina, gipaningot intawon. Nakulbaan siguro (He's at the office now and appears to be perspiring, he must be very nervouse)," the TMG head jested.

Poliquit said the TMG and the TMC were able to issue TOPs against 700 speed limit violators since its initial implementation.

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on October 29, 2013 signed Executive Order (EO) No. 39 that sets the speed limits for all vehicles within the city.

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"Buot pasabot tinud-anay ang atong pag trabaho sa speed limit. Kung makasala, dakpon gyud. Gidakop man gani ang atong ex-mayor (It means we take our job seriously. We will arrest anyone who violates the law)," Poliquit said.

According to the EO 39, drivers must observe a maximum speed of 60 kilometer per hour (kph) from Sirawan to Ulas Crossing, from Lasang to Panacan, from Calinan to Ulas Crossing, and from C.P Gracia Highway-McArthur Highway to Panacan. ALSO READ: Duterte won’t budge on speed limits

For vehicles that traverse from Ulas to Generoso Bridge/Bolton Bridge, from Panacan Crossing to J.P Laurel Avenue-Alcantara, and from Ma-a Road Diversion to McArthur Highway, a maximum speed of 40 kph is mandated.

A maximum speed of 30 kph, meanwhile, is ordered from J.P Laurel Ave. Alcantara to Bolton/Generoso Bridge, from Buhangin Crossing-Milan to Bolton/Generoso Bridge, from C.P Garcia Highway-Bacaca Road to Bolton/Generoso Bridge, and from C.P Garcia Highway-Angliongto St. to Bolton/Generoso Bridge.