TWENTY years ago, a rainy morning means a lazy wakeup and a big smile since it's more likely to have no classes (whether it's officially announced or just a personal choice), and a week of cloudy and rainy weather adds the anticipation of a warm soup and looking blank over the window for a long time, if not, do some sketches in the notebook.

Life was simpler back then, but 20 years later, you have to wakeup idly and wait for further announcements whether suspension notices are issued because that means you have to cut the lazy rainy morning and transform it into something productive – go out and work.

Another, that it is more concerning if rains and cloudy skies still remain for more than a week, even though weather reports say there will be no storm. Because this cues for storing food, water and energy resources in the household just in case things get worse, especially that you already have heard neighboring provinces and cities have started to evacuate residents as water levels keep on rising.

Weather reports say that the Low Pressure Area (LPA) in Mindanao could still last until the weekend because the winds coming from the northeastern part is causing its slow movement, if only the kindergarten song "Rain, Rain Go Away" can be useful, then that would be great.

Iligan City is already on the alert, as well as some parts of Lanao del Norte after reports of high water levels that may later cause floods and result to impassable bridges, while Cagayan de Oro remains "safe" for the mean time, it's not a reason to turn a blind eye on areas that are known to be flood-prone. The thoughts of sipping a hot beef soup and chocolate on a mug might wait a little longer, they say time flies faster on a cold rainy weather, but preparation these days is deemed important after the earth's weather "mood swings" trigger disasters lately.

It's also important to be mindful of sickness and diseases that the rainy weather will bring to the people if it will stay longer, such as a possible leptospirosis outbreak and even simple colds and cough. Water is the bringer of life, most bacteria are dependent on water and so are some viral strains.

You can't really blame the rainy weather, nor curse it, it's just nature. And nature responds on how we treat the earth as a whole. For now, we might be upset because it's been days already that it's cloudy and raining, but we might miss it if the sun stays longer and burn us in its heat.

So while the rain keeps pouring, why not use it as an advantage by funneling them in big drums and tanks and use it for everyday use except for cooking and drinking. That way, it can help you save on water bills.

And you might consider listening to relaxing New Age music genres to compliment the weather and for a while, meditate.

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