A FIRE that reached the third alarm claimed two lives at Imelda Village barangay Wednesday afternoon.

Baguio Fire Marshal Joe Fernand Bangyod identified the fatalities as Rafaela Sabado, 66, and her 33 year-old daughter, Sharon Sabado.

The fire broke out past 3 p.m. Fire out was declared after an hour but only after strong flames engulfed the property.

After the fire department declared the fire out, responders discovered the burned bodies of the victims in one of the rooms inside their house which was razed to the ground.

The fire marshal said they had a hard time putting off the fire due to the narrow alley they had to pass before reaching the house of the family’s home.

Bangyod said the penetrator fire trucks recently turned over were no match to the flames saying the house was made of highly combustible materials.

Initial investigation by firemen revealed the family has been using candles in their house. Their electric meter was missing leaving their home without power.

The Bureau of Fire Protection is still investigating the cause of the fire as they estimated the damage to be more than P500,000.

According to Oscar Sabado, husband of Rafaela, the family only had a few days left in the house as they are planning to move out to another house. Oscar was reportedly in Itogon town when the fire broke out.