TRAVEL is one of life’s greatest joys, and is often high on the list of wants of a lot of hard-working professionals. Now, the romance of the French countryside is captured in a new residential development for Cebu urbanites who wish for a brief escape from the stress and high demands of work. A rare opportunity to come home to a quiet subdivision near busy centers of work in the city is available in The French Highlands.

Travelling through gentle slopes, you will find yourself in a place reminiscent of the French countryside, abundant with flowers and a seemingly endless gentle breeze. The French Highlands, the first to have such a theme in Cebu, boasts of a lush, green environment in which one can relax and perhaps raise a family. Wide tree-lined roads enhance the beauty of the development, encouraging outdoor activities and healthy lifestyles. Spaces for recreation will be adorned with more greenery, paying homage to the project’s inspiration.

While homeowners may choose to build houses adhering to the theme of the French Highlands, two model units are available to choose from—Celene and the larger and more upscale Destinee. The designs marry French aesthetics with practical forms better suited to tropical Philippine climate. This combination of whimsical and practical makes The French Highlands an easy getaway from the daily grind.

The French Highlands is the first residential community in be part of a masterplanned township called Vera Estates. Vera Estates is the flagship project of Castille Resources Realty Development and is located in Tawason, Mandaue City.

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