FOR fighters who are supposedly not interested in fighting one another, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao are sure talking a lot about each other lately, more so than the botch deal a couple of years ago.

Floyd talks smack and Manny reacts.

Weird isn’t it?

It has been that way for a while and even if they’re facing fighters, one has to deal the questions about facing the other.

So, will they?

I believe so and I think it may even happen this year.

There was that report a couple of weeks ago--long discredited to be untrue--about Manny and Floyd supposedly agreeing to terms for a September fight.

Rubbish, the boxing mainstream writers quickly said of the story, which qouted an online report that qouted a commentator who supposedly had a source who knew of the details of the fight.

But, as one writer summed it up in a tweet that he’d “be the first to dismiss the report as untrue but would be the least surprised if it’s true.”

That’s boxing.

Or to be more specific, that’s Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.

I believe that fight will finally happen because despite everything, all the exchanges, the threats, and the botched negotiations Manny and Floyd know how much money they will make in such a fight.

And isn’t that what boxing is all about? Money?

Mayweather is 36 and Manny is 35 and folks are already talking that the fight is already two years too late. But a fight between two all-time greats in their mid-30s is still a lot better than a fight between two legends who each had a foot in the retirement home. Remember the rematch between Roy Jones Jr. and Bernard Hopkins?

It happened 17 years after they first fought and despite all the clamor for them to meet each other earlier.

It finally happened on April 3, 2010 and Roy Jones Jr. was already 42 years old and Hopkins was 45.

So, don’t be surprised if Floyd and Manny finally seals the deal for a fight this year.

Besides, all that is happening, the exchanges and what-not, about why it would never happen, serves the same purpose. It just sells the drama some more.

COACHING SEARCH. A new name has been added to the short list of potential coaches for the Philippine national team and it’s none other than former Singapore coach Raddy Avramovich, who headed the Lions when they lost to the Philippines in the first—and only—international friendly in Cebu.

Avramovich’s name has been linked to the Azkals as early as last year, when he left Singapore and the PFF offered then a six-month extension to Coach Michael Weiss.

Folks expected Weiss to reject the offer, and Avramovich to get a much longer offer.

Now with Weiss gone, Avramovich, who won three Suzuki Cups with the Lions is one of the front-runners for the coaching job and it seems he’s got the perfect credentials, plus the familiarity with the Asian setting.

Avramovich, a guy who played in Barcelona and another who played in the Bundesliga.

The coaching choices for the team are getting better every day, making the PFF announcement one of the most anticipated since the Philippines played Indonesia in its first appearance in the Suzuki Cup semifinals four years ago.