IS IT the end of days? This was my knee jerk reaction when I saw the moon, white and bright in it’s almost full moon phase, last Monday night. Friends called friends to look up. It was a most glorious sight: The moon had a “halo” of a perfect circle around it –you’ve doubtless heard, if not seen it, already. It felt eerie, I got scared, I had not seen nor heard about this occurrence in my lifetime. We were in front of an old apartment that was going to be demolished, or so we were informed, the day after, to make way for a condo building. That, in itself, was a sort of bad event for me, for my children, who spent their high school and college days in that house. There were memories there.

The guard on duty that night said that the old folks in their town (Negros) said it was a portent of extreme climate change, either very hot, or very cold. My daughter Katherine said it must be very cold, haha, which is not even a portent but already occurring. Extreme cold is gripping the USA and Canada, blanketed with so much snow it rivals Antarctica. The majestic Niagara Falls in upstate New York turned to ice! Unbelievable. Niagara Falls, a major tourist spot in the USA and Canada, probably has no equal in the world. The water that rushes through it falls like rocks crashing to the river below, such is the impact. That a huge moving body of water can freeze ‘to death’ is nothing short of a phenomenon.

Of course we have our own cold spell in the northern mountains where the vegetables are rimmed with frost. Sign of high-priced vegetables in the future, as the Mt. Provinces are the source of most vegetables in the country, or at least in Luzon.

News item: The PNP to hire security guards to man the gate and provide security to the camp of the military? With a “No ID, No Entry” policy. Unbelievable. Only in the Philippines. Pwede ba yan kay Mayor Jojo Binay?

News item: Pnoy will not listen to broadcast media, social media, or maybe even the newspapers. In short, the President of the Philippines will bury his head under a rock. It seems he doesn’t want to hear bad news. Mr. President, you are supposed to hear all sides of the issues. When you surround yourself with your people and wanting to hear only glowing reports about you is when governance suffers.

The Philippines under Cory Aquino was a period of power outages. It seems that her son Pnoy’s era will also be a time of darkness. Cory’s era was also a time of many disasters, natural and man-made. Pnoy is only into his mid term and already, there’ve been great natural disasters as well as wars, as in the Zamboanga debacle. Will it never cease?

Christians believe that it is really nearing the end of days, as evidenced by all these world disasters: earthquakes occur with increasing frequency, and typhoons and cyclones are increasing intensity. One item I read said that eventually an island in the South will go under.

Thing is, while everybody attributes this to an all-encompassing “climate change”, man is to blame for all these disasters. Humans have so irreversibly damaged Mother Earth that Nature had no recourse but to fight back. Yet, men still continue to plunder earth’s resources.

The most unbelievable of all: Whither is Napoles et al? Is this case also going the way of the Maguindanao Massacre? And killings are an everyday occurrence with no sense of outrage coming from the Palace by the Pasig River. As then vice president Emmanuel Pelaez said, after being gunned down (but lived to tell the tale) in front of their house in Manila: “What is happening to our country?” Willie Nep, whose grandson was one of several young men gunned down just a week ago, echoed the same question. God help us.