"DO YOUR job and shut up!" Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte said on Tuesday, defending his father against all his critics.

He said it is his personal reaction as the son of the tough mayor of Davao City.

"Di man ko pwede mo comment ana no kay opinion man na ni Mayor Rody. Pero at the end of the day, akoa gihapon siyang amahan, kung unsa may gawas ani ilang pag bangi, didto gyud ko musuporta sa akong mahan hilabi na gyud na mayor nato siya sa Davao (I cannot comment on that since it is the mayor's opinion but he has my support since he is my father and he is the mayor of Davao City)," he told reporters after the City Council regular session on Tuesday.

"Trabaho man na ni (Commission on Human Rights (CHR) chair Loretta Ann Rosales. Buhata imong trabaho and shut up! Do your job. Ayaw na daghang istorya. Kung mao na imong plano, buhata (It's Rosales job. Do your job and shut up!)," he added.

Duterte was reacting to Rosales' pronouncement that CHR may conduct "a fact-finding investigation and legal review" on series of events involving his father.

The fact-finding investigation might lead to "filing of charges, if warranted by facts and law," the CHR said.

His father also told the CHR to "shut up" after it has called his "I-will-kill-you” statement to rice smugglers as "unethical."

"We're losing billions and billions of pesos and reducing the Filipino farmer to poverty. At itong mga taga human rights will just think of ethics? Anong unethical? Talagang gagawin ko. Point out to me a law which is I cannot threaten the criminals. Shut up! I said you have nothing between your ears," the elder Duterte said.