MASANTOL -- The bodies of a father and his son who drowned at the Pampanga River in Barangay Nigui are still missing.

This was disclosed by Chief Inspector Jowen Dela Cruz, who identified the victims as Bejamin Ducut, Sr. and his 8-year-old son Justine, both residents of Barangay Malauli, Masantol.

Dela Cruz said that around 10 p.m. Sunday, the victims, together with Benjamin Ducut Jr., 12; Bernard Lipata and Christopher Lacap boarded the boat skippered by one Jack Dumalos at Barangay Nigui.

He said that based on investigation, Dumalos attempted to start the engine of his motorized boat when he suddenly lost his balance, causing the boat to overturn and the passengers falling on the river.

Benjamin Sr. and his son Justine drowned while the other passengers of the boat managed to swim and survived.

A witness, Marcelo Lacap, told authorities that they tried to help to find the victims when they fell on the river but failed.

Police are still conducting search and retrieval operations to find the bodies of the Ducut father and son. (Kristine Venet Q. Andal)