ARE you or am I making a better decision for a better life?

As an employee, it would mean working in a company where you are contributing and management acknowledges your contribution and generously rewards you for it.

For an entrepreneur, this translates into having the right people implementing the perfect strategy at the right time and at the right market which yields for your market dominance.

If I am a stock broker; that would mean putting my money on the right stock all the time and consistently enjoying hefty profit.

And for us, looking for the best husband or wife, it’s getting married to a perfect partner who completes us so that each of us can live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, these scenarios are just a product of one’s imagination. The reality for all of us is that we all have made bad decisions and have paid dearly for them because we are not free from the consequences of our actions.

A manager can be a tyrant to his people if he/she wants to but he/she is not free from the repercussions of drastic employee turnover or a person eats the wrong kind of food and complains that there’s something physically wrong with her/him.

If our desire is to have a better life, thus, we need to make a better decision based on three realities in the physical mental, emotional, social and spiritual areas of our lives.

First, we have to examine and learn from our past experiences and circumstances, in light of our current responsibilities (2nd) and consider our future objectives, hopes and dreams (3rd).

All my life, I prepared for a high-end, upscale life which was to marry a celebrated rich man, living in the exclusive Forbes Park Subdivision in Manila and jet set around the world in style.

But as I examined and learned from my past experiences and circumstances and applied my wisdom, I gave up this cherish secret longings.

As I aged gracefully, the answer is clear to me: Money and material possessions can bring happiness but good health, nourishing relationships and spiritual growth of one’s life bring lasting happiness.

And concerning my current responsibilities – I’m a management consultant in office, career, politics, marriage and family on contract basis, a lifestyle writer and a mother, widow, breadwinner – I’m happily dedicated on helping and adding essential values to myself, my family and others through what I communicate, write and do.

Then considering my future objectives, hopes and dreams: I worked for most of my life in Manila and here in Cagayan de Oro, I get the prize of retirement wherein I don’t have to rush to work or meet deadlines.

At present, I’m starting to relax and enjoy a new priceless chapter of my life.

Please examine and learn like me from your past experiences and circumstances, in light of your current responsibilities and consider your future objectives, hopes and dreams.

Whatever chapter of life you are undergoing right now, every day is a new day for a better decision equals better life.