THE CITY Council in Monday’s session asked the Baguio City Police Office to inform the body of the various experimental traffic schemes being implemented in preparation for the expected peak in tourist arrivals.

Vice-mayor Daniel Fariñas said they called the attention of the police during Monday’s executive-legislative session to inform the Council of the various traffic schemes implemented in Baguio’s Central Business District after some members were caught unaware of existing traffic schemes.

Fariñas added the City Council has noticed the reactionary traffic schemes which render some major roads in an open and close situation due to experimental traffic schemes without warning motorists of their implementation.

He said proper planning is needed to address the growing traffic problems of the city particularly in choke points like Upper Session Road and Harrison Road.

The traffic problem will worsen if not addressed properly according to the vice mayor considering major crowd drawers are expected to happen starting next month with the Panagbenga Festival, Chinese New Year, Philippine Military Academy alumni homecoming and graduation, Ronda Pilipinas and the Holy Week.

Baguio City Police Office director Senior Supt. Jesus Cambay Jr. said they have been addressing the traffic situation by consulting public utility jeepney and taxi operators as well as the local government’s Traffic and Transport Management Committee.

Cambay added they are supposed to implement experimental traffic schemes for at least three months before their office seeks approval from the City Council which will come up with a corresponding ordinance to give permanence to the traffic scheme.

He added for the past years, the police have been implementing experimental traffic schemes to address traffic build-up in tourist sites as well as the Central Business District until such time the city’s Traffic and Transport Management Committee recommends for its permanence through an ordinance.

The police chief also added working on administrative orders and experimental schemes is also detrimental to the coffers of the local government considering the lack of an ordinance would lower collections from various traffic violations which contribute millions of additional income to the local treasury yearly.