FOR A number of years now a group of friends, from racing cars across subdivisions when Baguio was still less uninhabited to having eating sessions to photography, have decided once more to do what it can for a few.

I recall how flowers and horses can take us places with new found faces. Today it's with cadets in the academy with this society. This society is the Autism Society.

From my time in public office, I will always find the time to lend a hand especially for friends, old friends, and make some difference to be different. And a difference it was as what we now do has put a lot of smiles to many.

Some guy named John Chua decided to call on his friends to help out. John was known to bring smiles to many, from bringing kids to the zoo to helping rebuild the Ifugao rice terraces. It was definitely an honor for Baguio to be included in his plan.

Ompong, of course, set it all up. I could never say "no" to Ompong even in those days and now especially with this project.

This time around we all get together in the Philippine Military Academy, Asia's premier military institution. While I may have had my fair share of academy memory, I am definitely excited for what will happen today.

The Academy today is led by the Superintendent Vice Admiral Abogado, a man I only recently met but was able to forge some memories with in such a short time. Funny for in our first meeting it was about kids and this was scouting. Today we get this chance to be together for kids once more.

Every Juan will be happy to be interacting with Juan another as we will all be sharing stories and artistic knowhow with the cadets in the academy. This time around I guess it will be different.

There was a time when in the beginning we assisted these kids in our art. But now it’s them we are learning from. We now see things differently from the way we normally do.

Today it will be a combination of talents being shared with each other. I have spent some time with the kids and I tell you the kids have now taken the art and some have even won prestigious photo contests and others have had exhibits in many places. That's how good these kids are.

Indeed they are special. We all have our own special skills. The Almighty has blessed us with special talents and special skills. It is just up to us to know what this may be and how we can enhance these talents and skills. But more importantly, to share. Today we will all learn again from each other and do some sharing.

This is a society of artists, a collection of God's gifts. Nature's artwork to every Juan.

Mabuhay ang Autism Society of the Philippines- Baguio City Chapter!

To be pictures the next time. Proof of God's artistry.