WHEN celebrating their only child Dominique "Nikki" Tao Luy Tan's birthdays, her always creative parents Jayjay and Marjorie love to come up with unique themes.

For Nikki's first birthday, they organized "Nikkilympics", a sports-themed affair that had kiddie guests go against each other over fun and challenging outdoor games at the Ladislawa Garden Village clubhouse's "Olympic Village".

As for their daughter's recent 7th birthday party, her parents planned again for another memorable event with even more imagination and artistic thought.

"I wanted a theme that has never been seen in Davao, and appropriate for a 7-year old celebrant”, explains Marjorie. The busy mom works as an account officer at Abacus Securities Corporation. She also has an online store business called MJM Toys, atbp.

With this, the Luy Tans went for a “spajama” party at the Orchard Hotel, a hotel managed by dad Jay.

The birthday bash’s whimsical stage backdrop was set up like Nikki’s bedroom, with professional help from the talented Khim Cruz of Party Deco. It had Nikki’s adorable bed and dresser and some personal items such as accessories, stuffed toys, and books.

The charming Jackie Martinez birthday cake was festooned with assorted toppers like kids in their jammies, nail polish and flowers that matched the comforter of the bed on display.

Table centerpieces were tastefully decorated with cutesy Pillow Chums--animal stuffed toys that double up as pillows when laid flat; pictures frames and balloons that guests can bring home.

Nikki, her parents and young guests came to the “spajama” party comfortably garbed in their most favorite sleepwear. Even party host Sarah was dressed up in her colorful PJs, too.

The ever bubbly host led the dreamland-themed games like “Pass the Pillow”, “Lullaby Singing Contest” and “Blanket Cover Ups”. Winners were rewarded with hand crèmes, shower gels, colognes, lotions, towels, facial wipes and hand sanitizers to go with the party theme.

Little girls tremendously enjoyed the Funcuts vanity area where they pampered themselves with makeup, hairstyle, nail art and glitter tattoos while the boys were entertained with a movie projector playing Disney’s “Planes”. Mommy Marjorie also prepared a video presentation showing the birthday girl’s milestones as a baby.

Guests never got hungry at Nikki’s “sleepover” as they feasted on pizza from Basti’s Brew, Superscoop Ice Cream, spaghetti, chicken lollipops, hotdogs and barbeque.

With all the enjoyable activities and overflowing food, guests definitely remained wide awake till Nikki’s fantastic ‘spajama’ party was over.

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