A MAN is facing charges before the City Prosecutor's Office for mauling and robbing two others at NHA-Agdao in Davao City on January 17.

Facing robbery and direct assault charges is Roldan Sasan Miguel, 33, of San Antonio, Agdao.

Miguel was charged for robbing and assaulting Jovilyn Oberejo Sausal, 29 and his brother Beny.

Reports from the Sta. Ana police showed that the incident took place at 6 a.m. after Jovilyn opened the door of their house when she heard a knock.

Agdao punched Jovilyn and entered the house taking away her mobile phone worth P2,500.

Beny chased Agdao but when he gained on him, Miguel managed to subdue Beny by choking him.

Beny was rescued by bystanders who held the respondent until operatives from the Sta. Ana police responded at the scene and arrested the suspect.

Agdao is currently detained at the Sta. Ana police station while the stolen mobile phone was recovered from his possession and was documented for evidence before it was returned to Jovilyn.