THE Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) 7 confiscated some P100,000 worth of firearms and arrested the suspected gunrunner who allegedly bought these in Danao City last Friday night.

Taken into custody was 43-year-old Somala Marohombsar, 43, a native of Lanao del Sur.

CIDGE 7 Chief Insp. Rene Kyamko said they were on their way to Danao City to serve a search warrant.

When they reached Sitio Langgam, Barangay Cogon, they spotted Marohombsar carrying a bag heading to his vehicle.

No documentation

Kyamko said they noticed the barrel of an M16 rifle protruding from his bag, prompting them to approach him and asked for the firearm’s papers.

“Wala man siyay ikapakitang document mao tong amo siyang giarrest (He couldn’t show any so we arrested him),” he said.

When they checked the bag, they also allegedly found an M16 magazine with four live ammos; a 9mm pistol and magazine with five live ammos; and three 9mm black widow revolvers.

Kyamko said the M16 rifle alone is worth between P40,000 and P50,000.

Marohombsar, in an interview, admitted buying the firearms in Danao City. He said he planned to sell these in Quezon City, where he reportedly lives.


He said he used to be a soldier assigned to the 3rd Brigade of the Infantry Division in Luzon.

Kyamko said they will still have to verify the suspect’s claim.

Marohombsar refused to say who his buyers are.

When asked how much he has earned from selling illegal firearms, he said: “I have the right to remain silent. I cannot tell.”

“Bago palang ko ani nga pangita (I’m new to this),” Marohombsar added.

Kyamko said Marohombsar may be called a gunrunner, since he buys and sells firearms.

“Wala sad namo mapadayon ang search warrant sa among subject tungod sa iyang pagkadakop (We ended up not serving the search warrant to our intended subject because of the arrest),” Kyamko said.

He said Marahombsar violated Republic Act 8294 as amended by 10591, or the possession of unlicensed firearms.