EVERY organization has the human complement which undertakes the basic work-clerical, menial and sometimes administrative. It cannot exist or operate smoothly if it is severely undermanned.

Manpower is critical at every level of the organization. There are the frontliners or those who come in contact first with customers or consumers, i.e., depending on the nature or business of the organization.

In a real estate business, there is a panel of employees which provides information about the main business. These answer queries from the customers-whether walk-in or solicited. Next are the experts which provide in-depth answers to questions prior to closing of the deal or a sale.

In banks, there are new accounts clerks for those customers who wishto start business with the bank by opening accounts: savings deposits current or checking accounts or time deposits. Usually, they are required to fill up forms containing the personal data of a particular client including contact numbers. Once the forms are completed, these are passed to the next ranking employee who validates the deposit application, receives the money and pass it to the teller who receives it and voila the account is now open. Of course, the transaction is authenticated by a signing officer.

There are various sections in a bank aside from the new accounts and these are the loans section, the EDP section and the administrative section. Each requires employees with specialization. Due to advent of machines, the operations of a bank are streamlined. Still, people are required to man the machines as these cannot operate by themselves!

In a local government unit, employees are spread out to perform different functions. There are different offices-mayor's, vice mayor's, sanggunians, budget, accounting, treasurer's, solid waste management, city traffic enforcement, local registrar, senior citizens, urban poor, market, general services office and the local interior and government office. These are all vital components and each one complements each other to make the LGU run smoothly. But employees are classified into regular, casual and the job order contract holders who have no employer-employee relationship with the government and can be removed at any time. The regular employees have security of tenure and can be removed for cause.

The mayor regularly exhorts them to be faithful to their duties and work as a team.

In all organizations, be it public or private, there are set goals and objectives which the employees are tasked to fulfill or achieve. They have budgets to work on and within and these are prepared every fiscal year.

The success of any organization depends on the performance of employees and its officers and the business may rise and fall depending on the faithfulness within which they comply with guidelines.