THE 17th City Council of Davao is yet to schedule series of committee hearings on the proposed ordinance regulating videokes and vehicle sound systems, which was approved on first reading during the regular session last week.

The proposed ordinance prohibits the use of “component or sound system, motorcycle stereo, videoke machines, and karaoke machines from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.”

However, exemptions apply on special occasions like “birthday, wedding day, wedding anniversary, 40-day commemoration, death anniversary, barangay fiestas, sitio or purok fiestas, Araw ng Barangay, Kadayawan, Araw ng Dabaw, Chirstmas Day, New Year’s Day, anniversary celebration or commemoration by any civic, or non-government organization, or any special occasion identified by the City Mayor concerned”, the draft reads.

“[T]he use of sound-producing equipment during special occasions shall be from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. or as may be determined by the mayor,” it states.

It also said that “if the celebration of birthdays, wedding day, and anniversary will be celebrated on a day other than the actual day of celebration, the barangay concerned must be informed and the immediate neighbors consent to the use of the sound equipment.”

Meanwhile, all religious observances, rites, practices, celebrations and commemorations including but not limited to Ramadan, shall not be included in the prohibition in case it will need the use of a sound system.

Other prohibited acts under the proposed ordinance are: setting up videoke bars, karaoke bars within residential areas; using and operating welding machines, repair shops operating within residential areas before 8 a.m. and after 5 p.m.; proceeding with the work or construction of any building, infrastructure, improvement, or structure within all residential areas unless consented to by surrounding residents; and using bora-bora or modified mufflers, amplified car stereo with loud and annoying sound within residential areas.

The proposed penalties are: P200 for the first offense, P1,500 for the second offense, and P2,000, closure of establishment, and imprisonment of 30 days for third and subsequent offenses.

The proposed ordinance is authored by Councilor Karlo Bello.

All provisions stated on the draft are still subject to changes as the committees on peace and public safety; and rules, privileges, laws and ordinances are yet to conduct series of committee hearings.