OFFICE of the Building (OBO) head Isidro Sun Jr. said they will verify with the National Museum if the digging operation at an area behind the Central Negros Electric Cooperative (Ceneco) compound has the necessary permit.

If it has no permit, he will issue a stoppage order, he said.

Sun said he again plans to visit the excavation site at Ciocon Road-Mabini Street, Bacolod City after he was informed that the digging operation, believed to be in search for “hidden treasure,” has resumed Thursday.

Ceneco general manager Sulpicio Lagarde Jr. had earlier complained about the excavation to village chief Antonio Arroz of Barangay 26 for fear that their fence might collapse and injure residents in the area.

Mayor Monico Puentevella had ordered the digging operation stopped on January 11 after conducting an ocular inspection together with the OBO and the City Legal Enforcement teams.

The excavated area covers almost the entire 600-meter property behind the Ceneco compound and the hole is 11 to 12 meters deep.

The property is reportedly owned by Antonia Monreal Maravilla and is being administered by Bobby Go, whose wife is related to the owner.

Pastor Alladin Zanoni had admitted that he was the one facilitating the permits with the National Museum to conduct exploration for a year.

“We believe there are hidden treasures in the property and we are trying to detect it by using a special gadget,” he added.

Zanoni said they have started diggings in the property in November and the major excavation started when they brought in a back hoe.

Outside the excavation site is a signboard stating that the excavation has been issued a permit on January 13.