PHIL Younghusband refuted reports that he is the father of the unborn child of a non-showbiz girl named Denisse Oca, daughter of former actress Melissa Mendez.

Rumors on the involvement of Phil to Denisse started in tabloids when one veteran entertainment columnist wrote that Oca is pregnant with the footballer's baby.

The columnist added that the two dated in 2011, before Phil started going out with "The Legal Wife" actress and ex-girlfriend, Angel Locsin.

The buzz continued in Oca's Instagram account, where the expected mother was bombarded by questions on the paternity of her baby.

At one point, Oca replied that she will speak on the matter when she's ready but reiterated that Phil is not the father of her unborn kid.

"Right now I just want to keep it private, hope you can respect that. One thing I can say for sure is that it is definitely not Phil, the rumors are not true," she wrote.

Oca's other reply read, "No matter how many times I say that people will just think I'm denying it and will keep saying hurtful things. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. I shouldn't have even been dragged into this 'issue' and I'd like to stay out of it. This is all I'm going to say about this. Pls just let me live my life and enjoy this blessing."

She also put an end to report that she's the reason behind the break-up of Angel and Phil.

Oca said she doesn't know Angel personally and only learned of the split through comments left on her Instagram account.

"I know she is a good person and I hope she will appeal to this rumor and deny it ever being the cause of their break up because I really have nothing to do with this," she said.

Oca added, "I didn't even know they were broken up until today when people started accusing me of being involved. Whatever is going on with my personal life has nothing to do with them, I'm struggling with my own battles. It's not easy to raise a child on my own but it was my decision to do so and I just want to embrace this blessing without being accused of fake rumors."

Phil also denied allegations that he's fathered the unborn kid of Oca.

The sportsman reiterated that there's no third party involved on his break-up with Angel.

"I'm not the father of the baby of Denisse nor was it the reason Angel & I broke up. Angel & I ended on good terms. Can I ask we stop bothering Denisse, Angel & myself about this issue," Phil tweeted.

He also asked everyone to respect all parties as they're trying to concentrate with their respective careers and family life.

Phil said, "At the end of the day, we all have to ask ourselves the question, are we making peoples lives worse? Or are we making peoples lives better? And If we are not making peoples lives better, we are wasting our time. I hope you can all understand. Thanks! (sic)"

Phil and Angel announced their break-up in October 2013. Three months after ending their two-year relationship, the actress is seen dating again former boyfriend, television host Luis Manzano.

As for Phil, the footballer said he's not yet ready to date again and his footballing career remains to be his top priority. (Sunnex)