... THE AMOUNT OF MONEY of fictitious loans involved in the criminal charges filed against Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Radaza (P2.6 billion) is a lot bigger than the amount of alleged unexplained wealth of former Supreme Court chief justice Renato Corona (P130 million)?

Are the numbers right?

Radaza was manager and credit committee member of a rural bank; charged with her before the Department of Justice by PDIC (Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp.) was Julius Eullaran, the banks loans manager.

Radaza still had to comment on the charges while Corona said that like his impeachment trial the new charges are harassing and persecutory.

Corona was indicted by the ombudsman for covering up his “unexplained wealth” during his impeachment trial in 2014.

... THE ALLEGED ADMISSION OF VHONG NAVARRO in the police blotter that he tried to rape Deniece Cornejo was merely a signature, supposedly affirming narration of the men who took him to the police station?

The signature could be part of the coercion and duress exerted by the group that earlier mauled the comedian-TV host.

More credible would be the CCTV video that convinced the NBI no rape, attempted or otherwise, could’ve been committed -- unless the video was tampered or refuted by other videos taken by other cameras.

... WHAT MOST READERS GOT so far from the Vhong- Deniece incident were allegations from each side?

Other items, the juicy ones, were only partly confirmed or just hinted at in the official statements. And they came from less authoritative sources.

Dubious-veracity alert! That done, a Bzzzzz source says, the -- Vhong and Deniece were making love short of sexual intercourse in his first visit (wags call it a “karaoke singing” session);

-- Cedric Lee isn’t an “ex” but still a current flame of Deniece and he owns the condo apartment occupied by her, which could explain the intense mauling;

-- Lee used to have a Cebuana movie star/singer whom he impregnated;

-- the handsome businessman uses good looks and charm to “connect” with public officials his company does business with.

... THIS COMPLAINT OF SOME RESIDENTS against a city mayor who prides in “making the dirty clean and the crooked straight”?

They say they just want him to fix potholes on city streets and replace busted streetlamps.

“That’s a lot easier than what he says he can do, isn’t it? And he can do it without needing anyone else to do it with, can’t he?”

... THE PETITION FOR THE DEPORTATION OF JUSTIN BIEBER garnered 103,000 names, exceeding the minimum of 100,000 required for presidential consideration.

Would the fact that the Obama daughters are fans of Justin influence presidential decision?