A MANDAUE City councilor wants to limit the weight of quarry materials carried by trucks plying the city and barangay roads.

Councilor Emmarie Ouano-Dizon proposed an ordinance prohibiting trucks traversing the city from carrying quarry materials exceeding 10 cubic meters.

Large haulers passing through city and barangay roads for extended period of time have caused damage to the roads, Ouano-Dizon said.

“All city and barangay roads are not built to withstand the wear and tear caused by constant use of trucks weighing more tons than the city and barangay roads and bridges can accommodate,” read the proposed ordinance, which was approved on first reading earlier this month.

Under the ordinance, a 10-wheeler truck is presumed to be carrying quarry materials within the limit set if its dump box dimension does not exceed 2.3 meters in width, 4.73 meters in length and .92 meters in height.

Violators must pay a fine not exceeding P2,500 or face imprisonment of not more than six months, or both as may be deemed by the judge. The City may also revoke the violator’s transport permit.

To avoid a criminal complaint, the violator may however opt to pay the administrative fine of P10,000 per truck.

Once the measure is passed, the Office of the City Mayor will deputize the City Environment and Natural Resources Office to apprehend violators.