CEBU City’s Department of Veterinary Medicines and Fisheries (DVMF) plans to file charges against a pet owner who threw his two dogs into an old well in Barangay Guadalupe.

The City Pound Division of DVMF and the Apas Emergency Response Team (AERT) rescued the dogs after being trapped inside the well for three days.

The dogs are both asong Pinoy (Aspin) in breed.

DVMF Chief Dr. Pilar Romero said her office received a report from Charlie Burnham, an Australian national, after the dogs were thrown.

Romero said she had to call AERT since their equipment is not capable of rescuing dogs.

Apas Barangay Captain Ramil Ayuman, who heads AERT, said the rescuers had to bring a cage when they went down the well so they can safely bring the dogs out.

The well is about 30 feet deep.

When asked why he threw his pets, owner Aldenisio Flores said they are unhealthy and had ticks all over the body.

Romero said that for the cruelty done to his dogs, the owner may face a complaint for violation of the Animal Welfare Act of the Philippines.

Romero plans to talk to City Hall lawyers to discuss possible legal actions they will take against the owner of the dogs.

If charges are filed and the owner is convicted, he could face imprisonment of not less than six months but not more than two years, or pay a fine.

“We have to take action against him to show pet owners that the City is serious in implementing the law,” Romero told reporters.

Romero also advised the public to be responsible pet owners.

She also advised pet owners who can no longer take care of their pets to surrender them to DVMF instead of killing or harming them.