GET married, have children.

The year of the wood horse is good for starting a family, shared Feng Shui expert Ding Lu Torrefranca.

“Wood horse means power, authority, achievement. So it’s a good year to get married because it means you can achieve what you want and marriage will complete your life,” Torrefranca told Sun.Star Cebu yesterday, the first day of the 15-day celebration of the Chinese New Year.

But there might be a downside to marriage this year, as Torrefranca also foresees a

lot of men cheating on their wives and girlfriends in the year of the wood horse.

Women will not be entirely at the losing end because they are seen to rule businesses and companies.

Good for businesses

2014 will also be a good year for Cebu, which Torrefranca described will be the center of information this year. This means that it would be a good year for publications like newspapers, which are related to the wood.

The year is also good for business, particularly in real estate, and those related to wood like woodcraft, furniture and plantation.

Businesses in fashion and clothing, food, and computer and electronics would also be booming.

For those who want more luck in business establishments, Torrefranca suggests hanging a chili on the door or placing it in a bag.

But the year will not always be peachy.

Torrefranca, who said that he is also a psychic, sees more tragedies this year; there will be no more earthquake, he said, but there will be more typhoons, fire, killings and vehicular accidents.

“There will be more brownouts, scandals and an airborne viral disease will be discovered in Northern Luzon,” he said.

But he doesn’t intend the information to cause panic among the people. He said that life is always about the good and the bad.


The best advice he can give Cebuanos is still to pray.

Torrefranca said there doesn’t have to be conflict between religion and feng shui.

He said that a lot of people are hesitant about feng shui because they think it is a belief that will run counter to one’s faith.

“Some have a hard time understanding feng shui. It is not a religion, it is not complicated. It is merely a matter of arrangement,” he said.

Feng shui is about spatial arrangements to make energy flow better and to block the energy coming from the unlucky direction.

Lucky colors for the year are dark green, red and brown. Secondary lucky color is orange.

“It is essential that one wears these colors within the Chinese New Year celebration,” said Torrefranca.

This doesn’t mean that one should always be caught in a dark green or red shirt. It can be any piece of clothing, accessory or underwear.

“Then you can wear the color occasionally within the year but it should be worn daily during the grace period,” Torrefranca continued.

Not blue

The grace period pertains to the 15-day celebration, which commenced yesterday and set to end on Valentine’s Day.

Blue won’t be a good color for the year of the wood horse as it signifies water, which is the antithesis of wood, according to feng shui.

For those who want wealth, colors will have an essential role in that arena.

Clashing colors

Torrefranca suggests clashing the colors of the bed sheets.

If the sheet is red, the pillow cases can be green.

Plants can also help in bringing good luck. But these should be fortune plants like bamboos and money makers. Thorny plants like euphorbia should be avoided.

This year’s unlucky direction is northwest.

In keeping with the generation, Torrefranca suggests downloading a compass as mobile application. Use the compass to identify which part of the house or room is northwest and make sure that the area is not disturbed.

“The area should be calm, there should be no noise emanating in that area. There should be no activity in that area, no renovation,” explained Torrefranca.

(The second part will talk about charms and the affordable way to bring in good luck, based on feng shui.)