LA TRINIDAD, Benguet -- Police have filed cases against three suspects behind crimes against women and children in Apayao.

Apayao police director Albertito Garcia said charges have been filed against Sabath Agsayang Balayang, Michael Patagui and Wilner Ventura in a bid to give justice to their victims.

Garcia said the case is being handled with extra care following the sensitive nature of the incident involving women and children.

Laws protecting women and children dictate the anonymity of victims in these cases aiming to protect the interest and privacy of victims.

Police likewise take on the same guidelines in releasing information for cases against women and children if only to protect them as well as the integrity of the cases.

Garcia said protection of the victims in the case is their utmost concern as well as the privacy of the victims, avoiding sensationalizing the crime to avoid branding of the victims.

This week, cases of robbery and rape have been filed in court against the trio.

Allegedly, the crime happened inside a rented house in Kabugao, Apayao where two teachers were robbed and raped.

Balayang, Patagui and Ventura were reported to have taken laptops, cellphones, personal items amounting to almost P100,000, as well as a minimal amount of cash.

Ventura, who was wounded during the incident when he fired a gun and accidentally shot himself, surrendered to the police paving the way for the identification of two other suspects.