THEIR names and voices must be very familiar, as they hit the airwaves with daily news. Tough, they seem, but their soft parts have brought them to the new chapters of their lives as married couples.

Four Davao media personalities recently have the most auspicious day of their lives yet, as each of them has finally tied the knot.

They are Vina Araneta-Pilapil of ABS-CBN Davao, Michael Pasco of TV5 Davao, and Zaldy Arenas of DXAB Radyo Patrol 1296 Davao (AM station of ABS-CBN Davao) and his wife Gem Avance¤a of TV5 Davao.

It's a different world with contrasting passions for Vina and Rey Pilapil. Vina and husband Rey Pilapil first met at the 1st Davao Media Globe Excellence Awards at Royal Mandaya Hotel last 2012.

Rey was a member of the screening committee and Vina was a winner at that time.

"Pero hi and hello lang yun. Then, gumawa kami ng new course sa school. Assistant dean siya ng Humanities and Letters Cluster ng Ateneo, part-time teacher ako. So boss ko siya sa school. So yun na yun, we started dating," Vina said.

The couple exchanged vows at Redemtorist Church, Bajada on January 8.

It was like destiny in action when the meeting of minds turned into an encounter of two hearts.

Until now, it's beyond discernment for the two how they ended up with each other. What matters most is to foster the love today and keep it burning in the years ahead.


Michael Pasco, 27, fondly called as "Mike", and her wife Gerlyn Enargan, 31, tied the knot last December 6, 2013. Mike shared that there was actually no courtship happened between them.

They knew each other for so long since high school. They actually had no idea that they would end up in each other's arms. Gerlyn, on the other hand, confessed that she has no boyfriend since birth until she met Mike at the Foursquare Church in Bago Oshiro, Davao City in October last year in a thanksgiving celebration.

"Yung standard niya was really biblical. She just waited for the right time and the right guy na ihatag ni Lord sa iyaha," Mike said.

Since then, Mike said they both had this special feeling towards each other, but that they never confessed until God made the way.

Then, he asked Gerlyn for a date somewhere in the city on November 15, 2012. In the same day, he proposed.

Guided by God's wisdom and love, Mike was successful to pin Gerlyn down. On December 6, 2013, they married.

"We plan to spend our Valentine's Day with God in our church," Mike said.


Zaldy, 28, and Gem, 24, both have a passion to public service through news and information.

They first met in a seminar conducted by Davao Press Foundation in 2009. Gem was a Holy Crossian, while Zadly was a student from University of Mindanao, both of them took up Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.

"He's very active during the forum and I found it annoying. I never thought I would meet him again during my internship in ABS-CBN," Gem shared.

"I noticed him passing by at the office where I was assigned several times. I just ignored him, until one morning he was inside our office and talked to me. It was the beginning of our friendship that ended up in an intimate relationship," she said.

Since then, they started dating out exclusively until they officially called it love on January 20, 2011.

As a couple, they have been through many ups and downs; circumstances that made their relationship stronger.

The two are in broadcast media but are working for two rival stations. Gem is affiliated with TV5 while Zaldy is with ABS-CBN.

However, it never hinders for them to have a very blessed relationship.

"We are now happily married -- cherishing every favor from the Lord," Gem said.

They tied the knot on September 26, 2013 at The Dome Mergrande Beach Resort.

The two plan to celebrate Valentine's Day together out of town.