Filipino students offered chance to study in US

JUANITO dreams of becoming an astronaut. But there isn’t a school in the country where he could study to be one.

Juanito could realize his dream through EducationUSA.

A US Department of State global network of 400 international student advertising centers in more than 170 countries, EducationUSA could guide Filipinos like Juanito in getting into college in the United States.

“I’ve had a boy approach me at one of our roadshows to ask how he could become an astronaut,” Affrille Degoma, education specialist of EducationUSA, told Sun*Star Baguio. 

Through the roadshows, EducationUSA encourages students to study in the USA and advises them on how to go about the process. 

“The USA encourages diversity in its campuses to make for a richer educational experience for international students,” she said during an EducationUSA forum held recently at the Ambassador’s Residence in Camp John Hay, Baguio City. 

Degoma said studying in the USA takes only five steps: Research your options. Finance your studies. Complete your application. Apply for your student visa. Prepare for your departure.

“With 4,500 universities and colleges, an international student wanting to study in the USA is sure to find a school for him. EducationUSA will help him match his interests to the institution that fits him,” Degoma said. 

Studying in the US may be expensive, but EducationUSA can also help a student look for financial assistance, she added.

“We’ve got to admit that studying in the US comes with a cost. But a student could find assistance. We also advise students to study in a school where they have relatives nearby where they could stay. We explore numerous options for an interested student during consultations,” Degoma said. 

EducationUSA also helps a student complete his college application. 

In the forum, it was also revealed that in the Philippines, there is an 85 percent approval rate for students applying for a US student visa. 

Once the student visa is approved, EducationUSA will also conduct the pre-departure orientation and seminar to prepare the student for his life abroad. 

But opportunities to study in the USA are not limited to those entering college. 

Opportunities also abound for those wanting to get post-graduate studies or those who wish to enhance knowledge in their profession. 

There are online courses as well. 

“And these courses are for free,” Degoma said, stressing EducationUSA may also help link a student to a suitable online course. 

Degoma also debunked a common myth about students studying abroad. 

“Contrary to what many people think, these Filipino students who study in the USA, they desire to come back here to the Philippines and apply what they have learned here,” she said. 

Degoma, a Filipino who migrated to the US with her family when she was in grade school, also said Pinoy students have what it takes to succeed. 

"Our values, hard work, discipline and determination to succeed are remarkable," she said. 

"With students like these, there is great hope for the Philippines to grow as a nation,” she ended. 


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