DAVAO CITY -- Mayor Rodrigo Duterte insisted Sunday that the Indian national accused of abducting a fellow Indian last week must answer criminal charges that will be filed against him and three other cohorts before the prosecutor's office in this city.

"I will never allow deportation, baka matulad pa sa ibang kaso. You cannot escape the sovereignty of the law. You go to prison for kidnapping," Duterte said.

Facing charges for kidnapping and serious illegal detention of Indian national Malih Jaspar Singh, 31, of Wellspring Village in Catalunan Pequeño, are fellow Indian national Jerry Singh, his partner Josephine Onas, and siblings Noel and Bobby Onin.

"The penalty for that is reclusion perpetua to death," the mayor said.

He clarified that while there has been no one sentenced to death for the past decade or two, the death penalty in the law has not been lifted.

"It is still in the book. Only we do not recommend it here anymore because of the objection of the church and other bleeding hearts of this country," Duterte said.

"If I had my way, I would restore death penalty by hanging the criminals lalo na sa drugs. I do not care if death penalty could not deter crime. What I am about to say is that there are two principles: it might deter persons from committing crime or if you already have committed a crime, you pay and that is retribution," he added.

Duterte also reminded foreign traders who are into money-lending business to be cautious especially because "people with criminal minds know they are delivering and collecting loans."

He said the abduction of Malhi has something to do with his money-lending business (5-6).

The mayor commended the Davao City Police Office for resolving another kidnapping incident. He also assured that the suspects will not be able to get out of jail since kidnapping is a non-bailable offense.

Malih was reportedly kidnapped Tuesday. He was located though onboard a bus on his way to downtown Davao City at a joint checkpoint of military and police in Barangay Ula, Tugbok District, Davao City.

He said he was kept in a safe house at sitio Tagumpay in Barangay Datu Salumay during his captivity, and watched over by two men identified only as Rico and Alex.

He was able to escape when his guards fell asleep. He rode a bus from there. (ICT/Sun.Star Davao)