LOOM bands are now becoming a fashion accessory among teenagers, and even to some young professionals, and why not? Aside from the fact that they’re so easy to make, your creative juices are even extracted and tested in order to come up with colorful various designs.

Armed with just a plastic pegboard where you can actually weave different patterns of bracelets and bands made of rubber bands.

Although the original pegboard called “Rainbow Loom” was already invented in 2011, it was only recently that it gained so much popularity locally. In fact, it was just this summer when I learned about this hobby because of the different patterns of loom bands displayed on my Facebook newsfeeds by my friends and some acquaintances.

At first, I was only seeing loom bands created by the classmates of my two sons. But a few weeks ago, my FB newsfeeds were already featuring the creations of my friend and graduate school classmate, Karina Requillo. Yes, loom band-making is being loved by both the young ones and the not-so-young friends of mine.

Rainbow Loom’s website, www.rainbowloom.com, provides some instructional videos of patterns which could interest you, from ‘Beginner Level’ to ‘Intermediate Level’ and ‘Advanced Level’.

For the ‘Beginner Level’, you may try any or all of the 12 featured patterns that include the single chain, which is obviously the easiest and of course, the basic pattern to follow to create all the other complex and intricate designs.

For the ‘Intermediate Level’, the website shows at least 20 patterns. Among the featured designs, I would really love to try the double bead ladder bracelet, which uses beads or pearls as its design components.

For the ‘Advanced Level’, you may create any of the 17 available patterns. Hopefully, I would be able to make one of these complicated patterns, especially the Hibiscus bracelet.

Apart from what are being cited in this website, you may also look for other patterns on the net and seek the help of Mr. Google.

But wait, before you head to the malls to buy your own pegboard, please ensure that what you are purchasing doesn’t contain lead and other dangerous substances which can be a threat to your health (or to your daughter’s).

(Special thanks to Karina for the photos.)


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