ZONTA Club of Cebu I will bring together multi-sectoral groups to fully implement its major program, Violence Against Women (VAW) Crisis Intervention and Referral Center, n cooperation with the Gullas Hospital.

Yes, Zonta Club of Cebu I says “No to abuse and violence of women. It established a center at the Gullas Hospital in 2013, further information and monitor services to facilitate “referrals” to victims of violence in the areas of medical, psychological, legal, security and safety, temporary shelter as well as spiritual, all for free.

This seems like a Herculean task but the dedicated Zontians will join hands to initiate and sustain the project. The group is led by outgoing president Lucille Colina; coming president Nellie Chiu; oject chairperson and incoming vice president and advocacy chairperson Beverly Dayanan; stirring committee led by Linda Binghay and Letty Canoy; the incomparable Council of Zonta I past presidents as advisers.

There will be a media and sectoral interactive forum at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, June 4, at the Cebu Country Club, to maximize the information networking of the program, defining its objective; strengthening linkages and facilitating the information campaign channels.

Zonta I in 2018

This early, the Zontians are already preparing for its 50th Founding Anniversary in 2018, with the theme “Scaling Toward 2018.” The induction of the 2014-2016 biennium officers will be on June 12, at the Casino Español: president, Nellie Chiu; vice, president Beverly Dayanan (external) and Melanie Ng (internal); Linda Binghay, secretary; Pilar Puno, assistant secretary; treasurer, Rufina Tanchan; assistant treasurer: Letty Canoy; PRO, Stella Bernabe; auditor, Anita Sanchez; director; and Tina Ebrada. Council of advisers: past Zonta I presidents. The special feature is the charging of the council of past presidents who will serve as consultants and advisers in selected Zonta 1 projects. Special guests are Gov. Hilario Davide Jr. and Vice Gov. Agnes Magpale (Zonta 1 adviser). Celebrated singer Herbert Buot and the Speechcom/Lhuillier Larks will provide the musical interludes. Event cmmittee chaiperson Stella Bernabe.

Livelihood Success Stories

Another pet program of Zonta I is the Creative Livelihood Project in partnership with the Georich Livelihood and Learning Foundation Inc., in which women’s entrepreneurial skills in handmade products are honed to help them earn a decent living. These beautiful products are displayed for sale in “Shop For A Cause!” to benefit the women of Baranggay Budlaan and Talamban. Nellie Chiu is over-all chair with the support of Zontian Felisa Chiongbian.

To set an example to the youth and community, People Enhancing Opportunities Propelling Leadership Excellence (People), which is chaired by this writer and Stella Bernabe, and is now on its fifth year, will feature the success stories of how the Creative Livelihood Project has helped women to develop and earn to support their families. People will partner with Sun.Star Cebu, GMA 7, Commission on Higher Education 7 and the academe. For its youth formation in skills and creativity, Talento Cebuano will be another project, in coordination with the academe. There is a plan to revive the Golden Z which was a pioneering program in the 80s and the 90s.

Multi-Awarded Aida Uy

Kudos to Zontian Aida Uy who has been garnering top gold and silver awards given out by Cathay Pacific, Silkair, Korean Air and Philippine Airlines.

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