THE scheduled meeting between shipping firms and Cordova Mayor Adelino Sitoy did not push through on Monday and was reset to June 25.

Sitoy said no representatives from Sulpicio Lines came.

Sitoy had written shipping companies 2Go Group Inc. and Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corp. (formerly Sulpicio Lines Inc.) asking for P126.855 million for the damage to Cordova’s mangroves.

2Go’s m/v St. Thomas Aquinas and Span Asia’s m/v Sulpicio Express Siete collided last Aug. 16 off Talisay City and caused an oil spill that damaged mangroves in several areas, including Cordova.

Sitoy also wrote a letter to Del Rosario Del Rosario Law Office, the counsel of 2Go Group Inc.

Counsels Saben Loyola and Joseph Rebano blamed Sulpicio Express Siete and said it should be the one to pay for all claims related to the collision.

The counsel of Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corp. Jaime Vibar in turn blamed the 2GO vessel, saying the ship was on the wrong side of the Mactan Channel during the collision.

But Sitoy labeled Vibar’s pronouncements as immaterial, impertinent and irrelevant.

He said the town’s claim is for environmental damage to be drawn from their protection and indemnity insurance coverage.

He said he the shipping firms are covered by this insurance, so it’s just right that he makes the claim. (OCP)