THERE is no escape from this state of mind of our citizens. Daily news in the broadsheets and tabloids, over television and radio, the internet carry these harrowing events.

Topping these is the PDAF unending "teleserye" news connected with wholesale corruption reports involving all sectors of the government agencies. Next are the daily news on murders , drugs , petty crimes in the streets hold-ups , big- time robberies, carnapping, family feuds sometimes resulting to heinous crimes which defy imagination; faces of poverty in all its forms, beggars and homeless families making do with their pushcarts or street pavements or the parks , displaced people who are victims of calamities and fires crowding refugee centers, the youth roaming the streets to do their criminal acts; natural and man-made calamities due to global warming and lack of respect  for the environment , pestering politicians who are in their subminimal campaigns towards their ambition to become president come 2016. Sorry for the indigestion my readers might have just by reading this paragraph. This is the truth, sad to write about it.

Let us start with the PDAF "fever". When will this end and be solved? It might take forever if we listen to all the current news. I will not repeat the tales of woes. I want to revise the term ' Napolist' to ‘Nafoolish’. Please, do not take us, the rightful, intelligent, and ethical citizens to be fools. We can understand your stance, your body ' language', the movement of your eyes (towards the right, you are lying and imagining and towards the left you are telling the truth and thinking logically); the consistency and exactness of your revelations. If you escape the law of men, you cannot escape the law of God. This is all what I can say. All of us, genuine and good citizens stand up fight and be counted. Remember evil prevails because the good failed to act. If not now, when? If not we, who will act. The government is in a sad state because we allowed it decade after decade.

For all the other crimes we will discuss the antidote or remedy to nip them at the buds.

Strengthen and revitalize the law-enforcing agencies of the government. If need be give the enforcers the means to reeducate them in matters of honesty, integrity, and righteousness. No money, bribery, and under the table deals will make them forget what true justice means. Let there be no double standard in giving justice, where one is for the rich and one for the poor. As it is, those who cheat with millions are set free due to maybe, political patronage, big time bribing or the like. The poor policeman caught bribing a traffic offender is brought to jail, a poor fall guy goes to prison instead of the pot-bellied rich man who escapes the law. That law enforcers themselves commit the crimes is unthinkable.

The basic cause of much of these maladies is the inequality of our citizenry in matters of education, economy, employment, and stature in society.

Why do the rich become richer and the poor, poorer?  Imagine our populace with a big triangle. The tip of the triangle is the smallest portion, say, 20 percent. Draw a demarcation line here .This is the number of the richest families in our country. You know their names. Read the Fortune magazine.

The next wider space divided into two is occupied by the upper and lower middle class, Majority of our people are here. They are employed but still left wanting. The widest broad base which, if calculated, has the greatest number of citizens are the poorest of the poor who need the most attention. This is the reason why so many cannot understand why the Philippines is economically highest in recognition of the international standard but the Filipino poor cannot feel it. The solution will call for the philanthropy and a noble feeling of sharing the wealth of the rich with the poor of the lower ranks.

Give them capital to start entrepreneurship and earn a decent living. For the poor give them means for education, low cost housing, means for agricultural work in their fields. I do hope this dream scenario will be realized.

The unending rallies speak of our people’s clamor for varied but not necessarily valid causes. Let us be wary about the subtle RED we see there, but let us see their legitimate clamors and work it out with them on just and democratic means. With a collective conscience let us lift our people where they should be. Let us give education for our children. Start from the root to be assured of a better citizenry in the future. Give employment. Let supply and demand be met wisely. Get careers in technology, agriculture, business, handicrafts, environmental sustainability. Let us lift our country from the depths of hopelessness and stand up triumphant with self- esteem and pride for being Filipinos.

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