I CAN still remember the time when container gardening started making a wave in the gardens of urban people. Limited space is one reason that encouraged people to try container gardening.

Today, not only the urban people are capturing the science and art of container gardening but even rural folks. We have taught our clients both in the rural and urban areas that container gardening is easier to manage than the other way around, especially when you lack space to plant in your yard.

With container gardening you can play with your environment. You have the freedom to choose where the plants are at an advantage with both sunshine and rain (in case of wet season) or where it may add beauty to your landscape.

In the market you will find different kinds of containers that will fit your kind of plant or crop to be planted in such kind of container.

One advantage of this type of gardening is that you will be able to fit it to the type of design you want with your landscape—whether it be for beauty or for food. There are a lot of containers you can find in the market or among the recyclables.

What is important for the gardener to consider is to fit the type of plant to the type of container you use. You can always select from plastic, can, wood, bamboo, and many more.

There is one thing I would like to point out though, for you to consider. It is best thing to sterilize your soil for you container garden either by pouring in boiling water into it, or by burning biodegradable over it, or by using a wheelbarrow and do the mixing of your soil with fire under.

It is always a good thing to start something you have not tried before. So for a start, you may consider the following to realize your container garden project:

1. Location. When starting your own container garden, consider the selection of your area. A good location must have a perfect exposure to sunlight. Almost all crops need sunshine, especially in the tropical area like ours. It is the sunshine that is responsible for the cooking of the plant’s food by its leaves.

2. Plants. Consider your objective in planting through containers. Do you want to grow plants for beautification of your surroundings only? Or you want to beautify, at the same time you want something to harvest for your kitchen? Plants that can be used for container garden are of course from flowers to herbs, and edible crops, even fruits for that matter. The plants you use must fit the container according to its growth habit and foliage.

3. Container. A right container for your kind of crop is essential. Large containers are better than the small ones. It is also a good thing to remember that containers must be sterilized.

4. Water. Watering is one of the secrets to a successful gardening. Keep on watering until the water comes out of the pot’s hole.

It is expected that will encounter some problems with the system. We will discuss it in next Tuesday. Happy gardening!