THE Municipal of Murcia unanimously passed a resolution asking Bishop Vicente Navarra of the Diocese of Bacolod for the relief of Fr. Greg Patino and Fr. Agustin Hinayan, parish priest and assistant priest, respectively of the town’s Immaculate Concepcion Parish.

The resolution states that the two priests stained the image of Murcia because of their projection that it has become a haven of illegal drugs and illegal gambling.

The resolution is set to be submitted to the Bishop's House today.

Reacting to the resolution, Patiño said they are just doing their obligation to the parishioners.

He added that people of normal minds should not react to their condemnation of acts such as the proliferation of illegal drugs and illegal gambling in the town.

"We are like sheep among the wolves," Patiño said, adding that they will remain strong against the wolves.

Meanwhile, Murcia Mayor Andrew Montelibano said they just want the Catholic Church to replace the two priests because they created problems in the town and went beyond their vows as priests.

The priests put Murcia in bad light, the mayor said.

Montelibano had earlier reacted when the priests condemned the presence of illegal drugs and illegal gambling in the municipality during their sermons.

Montelibano said that even during the Santacruzan procession Friday, Fr. Hinayan kept on talking about illegal drugs and illegal gambling.

The Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) is also set to pass a resolution supporting the SB resolution addressed to the bishop seeking replacement for the two priests.

Councilor Antonio Luis Gonzaga, president of ABC, said they are responding to the issues hurled by the priests by undergoing a surprise drug test.

The municipal officials and employees of Murcia were subjected to a drug test last week.