THIRTEEN fire incidents were reported in Lapu-Lapu City for the first quarter of this year alone, according to the data of the City Fire Department.

Last year, the City responded to only eight fire alarms in the same period.

But the estimated damage this year was lower with just P600,000 compared to last year's P800,000.

Most of the cases were in residential areas.

“A fire is a deadly disaster. It is a painful experience for humans aside from natural calamities. It not only destroys physical properties but sometimes it claims human lives,” Mayor Paz Radaza said in a speech.

She led the City Government as it turned over a firetruck and rescue truck worth more than P10 million to Barangay Basak, Lapu-Lapu City.

Basak is the sixth barangay to receive a firetruck from the City, even if it has yet to respond to a fire alarm this year.

The City also paid for the salary of the 10 crew members who can operate the vehicles and respond during fire alarms in the barangay and neighboring villages.

Basak Barangay Captain Isabelito Darnayla said the barangay will pay for the training of the personnel who will man the firetruck and respond to alarms.

The firetruck has a capacity to store 1,000 gallons of water.

Radaza said the City prioritized barangays with a larger population.

Earlier, Barangays Babag, Mactan, Maribago, Marigondon and Poblacion also received a firetruck each.

The City will also donate another fire truck to a barangay in Olango Island.