ACUPUNCTURE hasn't been widely recognized considering that it has somehow become a taboo especially that among its common practices includes piercing needles on the pressure points.

But for acupuncture experts Dra. Lilia Marquinez-Palanca and Dr. Hector Dela Cruz, it's all in the matter of knowing the basic tenets and proper techniques to achieve a more efficient acupuncture diagnosis and treatment.

Thus, Palanca and Dela Cruz conducted a three-day seminar and workshop for acupuncture treatment at the Urban Spa Sanctuary and Wellness Center in EcolandSubd., Davao City last May 24 to 26 wherein a total of eight health workers attended. It has also become the advent of the PalancaAcuwellness Group.

Palanca, who has been practicing acupuncture since the 70's and the founder of the Philippine Academy of Acupuncture and ASEAN Medical Acupuncture Association, Inc., told Sun.Star Davao in an interview that with the help of the seminar and workshop, not only will she be able to promote the wonders of acupuncture but also she can also help the community by providing income opportunities for those who have attended the workshop.

"It has been my dream to make it a reality to share acupuncture to people who could use it not only for their livelihood but also for helping the community in terms of providing wellness services," Palanca said.

Being a practicing cardiologist, Palanca has seen how acupuncture could treat illnesses when the use of the conventional medical practices seem to be ineffective. Hence, she has been incorporating acupuncture in treating her patients.

She added that leaving a legacy in acupuncture is one of her biggest goals in life that is why she is urging physicians to learn and practice it as she already know its benefits.

Dela Cruz, a practicing optometrist, said in a separate interview that their seminar aims to legitimize the practice of acupuncture in Davao City while fitting in the practice in spas. He then chose the Urban Spa Sanctuary and Wellness Center as the first spa to offer legitimate acupuncture services.

"There have been many spas here in Davao City yet when we talk about spas here, it is often misconstrued with just massage. But in reality spa should be synonymous with wellness that is why we are promoting the inclusion of acupuncture in the spa services," Dela Cruz said.

The seminar focused on the diagnostic aspects of traditional Chinese medicine and the principles of acupuncture. Among its salient discussions include natural face lifting and anti-aging regimens, stroke and weight management. Attendees were expected to learn when to use acupuncture and how to maximize its benefits.

"The attendees of this workshop will be the pioneers here in Davao City because we will be organizing the Palanca Acuwellness Group. The pioneers will be reechoing what they have learned so that it could go down to the community level," Dela Cruz said.

But while acupuncture is yet to make a prominent mark in the city, Palanca is hopeful that the emergence of acupuncture could bring a boost in Davao City in terms of the medical-tourism aspect. He added that hopefully they will be holding the world acupuncture congress in the city years from now. They will also be holding another training on June 19 to 22.