WELCOME back to school, dear students! It's just the first week of school and most of you may be just chilling out since your teachers are still giving the easy home works and researches.

For students, super senior students, career students, magnas (magnanine years), and sumas (sumasampongtaon) you all know well that things start to go crazy once the end of the semester or quarter gets near.

When faced with tough homeworks and assignments, aside from the library, we turn to Google in search of answers. So I googled Google search cheats to help make your student lives easier.

1. If you want to search for an exact word or phrase, simply use quotes (""). According to Google support, "only use this if you're looking for an exact word or phrase, otherwise you'll exclude many helpful results by mistake."

Example: "I can show you the world," "I shall return."

2. To exclude a word, add a dash (-) before a word or site "to exclude all results that include that word."

For example, Boeing -site: wikipedia.org, this will show you results that excludes wikipedia.org.

3. If you are searching for a certain topic on a specific site you may do this: Duterte site: sunstar.com.ph. All results of Duterte on sunstar.com.ph will pop out.

4. If you are looking for a powerpoint, word document, or other type of files on a specific topic you may type the topic you are looking for "filetype:".

Example: developmental journalism filetype:pdf environmental journalism filetype:ppt

If you want to get your file from an authentic source you may insert "site:" after "filetype:"

Example: developmental journalism filetype:pdfsite:edu

5. To get the meaning of the word simply type "define:" followed by the word. You can also use this to define other words or terms like common abbreviations, jargons, and even SMS language.

6. If you do not have a calculator you can also use Google search by simply typing the mathematical expression.

Example: 2^10, 2+2, 3*3, or 6/2

7. If you want to get information on a certain site you may type "info:" followed by the site.

These are just some of the useful search operators you can use when looking for academic related stuff. You can find more by going to support.google.com or by simply typing "google search cheats" on the search bar. Happy schooling!


For comments or suggestions, feel free to email me at: rjfl14_91@hotmail.com.