THE Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Wednesday said that Nutribiz International Inc. has been found using a fake Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) for its "Nutri 21 Juice 21-in-1 Herbs and Fruits Powder Drink Mix" (sachet) product.

According to FDA Advisory No. 2014-040, the FDA Health Scams Unit was able to discover that the website of Nutribiz International Inc.,, has posted a fake CPR upon counterchecking done by the agency.

"The case is now under investigation and the company is requested to cooperate with the Field Food and Drug Regulation Officers of the Field Regulatory Operations Office," said the FDA.

The agency noted how Form No. FB-005166 is for FDA Registration No.: FR-101774, Product Name: Royce' Baton Cookies "2 Flavors" Coconut and Hazel Cacao Chocolate Confectionery with Artisanal Corporation as its importer, while FDA Registration No.: FR-101969 has FDA Form No.FB-005274, Product Name: Creation 2011 Sauvignon Blanc alc. 14.5% vol. (bottle) of Importer: Zen Asia Incorporated.

The "CPR" image posted by Nutribiz for the Nutri 21 Juice bears No. FB-005166 and FDA Registration No.: FR-101969.

"An unsuspecting consumer desiring to buy a particular product online may just rely on the representations made by the distributor/advertisers online," said the FDA.

Because of this, the FDA warned the public against consuming "Nutri 21 Juice 21-in-1 Herbs and Fruits Powder Drink Mix" (sachet) since it did not undergo the required laboratory testing.

"All consumers are hereby advised not to buy unregistered Nutri 21 Juice 21-in-1 Herbs and Fruits Powder Drink Mix. This product has not been approved by FDA, and did not pass the FDA standards of safety and quality evaluation," said the FDA. (HDT/Sunnex)