“KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” is an old saying but it can still be very relevant in our postmodern times. With power comes responsibility.

The Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) recently expanded its services to the northern part of Cebu. Its workers have started digging one side of the highway along the municipality of Liloan. In fact, they have already installed quite a number of big pipes and covered the diggings that they have made.

At first glance, I was impressed by the manner the workers conducted the activity. Road blocks were properly indicated, the yellow caution ribbons were very visible, the workers wore jackets with reflector tapes.

However, after weeks of preparatory operation several highway incidents have been noted. The side of the highway where the diggings were made resulted in a soft road shoulder.  MCWD or its contractor should have used a bulldozer to properly compact the dirt that was used to cover the digging. One major incident that did not escape the commentary of passersby involved a big rig that tilted as the wheels of the vehicle became buried in the soft shoulder. I believe the contractor knows the repercussion of such an irresponsible act.

In Yati, Liloan, particularly the narrow road leading to barangay San Vicente, motorists have to fight for space with pedestrians, habal-habal drivers and street vendors simply because sidewalk vendors have usurped the sidewalk!

Aggravating the traffic is a public elementary school in the vicinity. The situation has not been rectified even though the school children are at harms way. The barangay captain of San Vicente, who holds much power, has a lot of explaining to do as to why such a situation is being tolerated.

James W. Sire, author of the book The Universe Next Door, said: “Knowledge is subject to refinement, but if it is true knowledge, there must have been at least a grain of truth in one unrefined conception.” In my opinion, unrefined conceptions border on indifference. Refinement can only happen when it is coupled with awareness and consciousness.