THE Atro Mining-Vitali, Incorporated (AMVI) is set to conduct on Thursday another round of river clean up and tree planting in Vitali River in the village of Vitali, east of Zamboanga City.

AMVI Resident Manager Leo Soza said in a statement that Thursday’s river clean-up will be the fifth since 2012.

It will focus near Tigtubo Bridge of Vitali village, 73 kilometers east of this city.

The fourth round of river clean-up was held last March 21.

Soza said that around 100 AMVI personnel will temporarily leave their stations to clean the river of garbage and debris, which will be followed by the planting of 300 seedlings of acacia mangium and mahogany along the riverbank.

They will be joined by village officials, the academe, civic sectors and from the environmental management agency, according to Soza.

“We are doing this (river clean-up) on a regular basis,” Soza said.

He said that they have committed as stipulated in a memorandum of agreement with the Environmental Management Bureau-9 (EMB-9) to assist in training community leaders in solid waste management; water quality management; and mobilization of residents to implement the agency's River Environmental Management Program.

He said they also committed to work with the village officials to implement the project.

“Part of our annual plans and program is to care for the river and all bodies of water as we do business in the community,” Soza said.

The AMVI, which is set to commence its development phase soon, is an iron ore mining company with an Exclusive Mines Operating Agreement with Hard Rock Mineral Trading, Inc. (HRMTI), which grants exclusive rights to conduct mining operations within the Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) area.

The MPSA covers an area of 2,077.3084 hectares at Sitio Upper Tagpangi in the village of Vitali, this city. (Bong Garcia)