MAYOR Mauricio Domogan recently issued an order for the Baguio City Market Authority to investigate emerging problems in the city's public market.

This developed after reports that some vendors are re-leasing and sub-leasing their stalls in Blocks 3 and 4 here.

The mayor said he has already sent a memorandum to the City Treasury Office and the Office of the Market Superintendent to list all vendors awarded with stalls including names of those who were allocated spaces.

Domogan said, "They would be monitoring if said vendors are the ones occupying their assigned slots."

"There are allegations that there are stalls owned by only one person and we have to find out if this is true," Domogan said.

Other reports include those manning the stalls awarded to vendors are attendants of awardees.

Allocation of stalls in Blocks 3 and 4 passes thru the BCMA.

Domogan warned vendors who do not follow the rules on the use of this stalls will no longer be allowed to sell and their stall rights will be awarded to other interested vendors. (Paul Rillorta)