TWO women have exemplified who a real Dabawenya is. Both of them are regularly seen on TV, except that the other was a former chief executive of Davao City who turned into a TV personality.

Meet Erich Gonzales and former city mayor Sara Duterte, two of the homegrown personalities whom the people of Davao look up to simply because they embody the good qualities that every woman dreams to have.

Such was the reason why Erich and Sara were recognized by the NCCC Group of Companies with its Davao Success Secrets held recently.

Erich, a popular actress, has her first appearance on TV in 2005 when she won in talent search Star Circle Quest. Since then, she plays several roles in TV series. Her roles in several TV series and movies had earned numerous recognitions.

Aside from being a star, Erich has recently tested the waters in business. As a young entrepreneur that she is, Erich is undeniably a perfect example among the young Dabawenyos to embark on business, no matter how small or big it may be.

During her term as the city's first lady mayor, Sara blended well the city's peace and order with aggressive business promotion, the reason why businesses are coming from time to time, and thus creating more job opportunities for the Dabawenyos.

Sara was obviously among the few women public officials in the country who walked the talk, and who exudes with good humor and class the way she brings herself in public, especially today that she has recently joined GMA's Una Ka Bai.

"Kung ang uban artista mag-artista mag-politiko paghuman, ako lahi. Mag-artista ko paghuman nako mahimong politiko (If other actors want to become politicians after their career, I'm different. I want to become an actress after becoming a politician)," she jested.