WE’VE seen so many groundbreaking ceremonies and turnover programs of school buildings and other education facilities by private companies to know that there are private groups that are on the lookout for something to do. The private sector calls it corporate social responsibility, the employees of such companies see it as something to feel good about, make them feel proud of their companies as well.

Knowing this, the Department of Education at the local level should at least have a clear inventory of what’s there and what’s needed.

It’s sad that every opening of classes, all that we are getting is that there are enough classrooms, and chairs, and school buildings, only to be met by mobs of classroom-less children made to bring their own chairs.

By this time, the DepEd should realize that saying there are enough classrooms except that these classrooms are not in the schools where there are children will not solve this perennial problem. The DepEd should by now realize that denying that the problem exists will not make it go away.

There is a problem, and the problem is DepEd.

There is no clear-cut list of which particular school is getting this many students as against this many classrooms, toilets, and chairs. There are no clear-cut lists on which school isn’t getting the desired number of students as against the expected influx from the community because of not so good performance, or maybe not enough drum-beating of what the school has been achieving.

There are no initiatives to address the problems outside simply complying with national office requirements. Data are not scrutinized to show how the willing community can crowd-source something. No. There are just these and those requirements that have to be addressed, and this and that initiative cannot be accommodated because there is no memorandum to say so.

“For compliance only” actually is a disease that plagues just about every government agency, the local government included.

Thus, what we have are problems that continue to fester while the smiling top government officials always insist, there is none, and then turn the guns on the media for reporting only the bad.