NA-HURT si Martin Nievera tungod nawala ang iyang ngalan sa line-up sa mga performers sa After The Storm, ang fundraiser alang sa mga biktima sa Typhoon Yolanda nga himuon sa June 15 sa The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington DC.

Gibasol ni Martin ang tawong nagpakatag og balita nga naningil siya og US$110,000 alang sa performance niya sa concert nga naglangkub sab nila, Darren Criss, Joshua Bell, Lou Diamond Phillips ug Lea Salonga.

“On June 15, 2014, I was one of the first if not the first artist considered for a fundraiser for Yolanda at the Kennedy Center in Washington but was later dropped from the line up because some stupid idiot quoted my price to be US$110,000!”

“There is nothing I would not do for my countrymen! And it has nothing to do with money! Thx idiot for trying to make money off of me at my kapamilya’s expense! Pls. if you need me, call me. Don’t just ask anybody you think knows me or claims to represents me.

“I hate it when this happens! So many people who claim they know you and your price etc. I love my countrymen and in times of need, I am there for them and not for money! And never for money! NEVER!”

“Some people just have a big mouth bigger than mine. And that’s big! Ask, make sure, don’t believe people who are only out to make money off of us dedicated hardworking Filipino entertainers!”

Sa nakalabay nga buntag, giklaro ni Martin nga way kalabutan sa After The Storm production ang tawo nga iyang gibasol.

“Just to let you know I was not referring to anyone in the production. Nor I was referring to the producers. Let’s support the project & continue to help our brothers & sisters down south. This is a lifelong effort so let’s all do our part. Let’s all support this very big and important night with some of the biggest names in the industry all on one stage for one cause to further help our brothers & sisters after the storm.”