GAMES and Amusement Board (GAB) Chairman Juan Ramon Guanzon has requested Bacolod City Mayor Monico Puentevella to regularly furnish their office with copies of cockfighting permits issued by the City Mayor’s Office.

Guanzon said this is to enable GAB’s Anti-Illegal Gambling Unit to determine cockfighting events that are authorized and those that are illegally held.

In his letter dated May 30 to Puentevella, Guanzon said their office regularly receive reports of local cockfighting events that are not duly authorized by the local government units (LGUs) concerned relative to GAB’s anti-illegal gambling mandate under Administrative Order No. 262, series of 1992 and 1995.

He said one of the schemes employed by operators is to obtain appropriate permits from the LGU for the allowed number of days but would actually hold additional cockfighting events on days not allowed under their permits.

Guanzon said these schemes give cockfights outside the authorized days some semblance of legality but the same are in fact illegal and subject to apprehension. (CNC)