TABUK CITY, Kalinga -- Heads of agencies and local offices are united in their stand to let suspected criminals especially those involved in heinous crimes answer for their wrongdoings in court and pay the price in jail.

The common desire to let suspects answer for their crimes in court is aimed to discourage amicable settlement where parties involved particularly "bodong" (peace pact) -- practicing tribes resolve cases with the accused paying the aggrieved party indemnity and going scot-free.

While the body also supports amicable settlement of cases as been the practice of courts to give involved parties chance to talk before any arraignment, the group is amenable only to settle the civil case through out-of-court settlement but let the criminal aspect of the case stand hearing in court.

Governor Jocel Baac pushed for the filing of criminal charges in court against suspects and let the law decide. "Let the aggrieved party get justice and the criminals to suffer for their wrong doings," he said.

The members agreed to uphold the policy of no-compromise except when sanctioned by the involved parties as they called on sub-tribes covered by the "bodong" to disregard amicable settlement of heinous crimes instead bring it to the court and let the law takes its course.

Provincial Prosecutor Bartolome Gamonnac said charges were filed against suspects on killing and shooting incidents in the province.

Francisco Gamatero, provincial DILG director, also asked the PNP to send augmentation force in areas of conflict to pre-empt any evil motives of disgruntled individuals, which was readily considered by police. (Peter Balocnit)