MY FIRST column for MWAH! was about giving tribute to international designers such as Versace, Prada, Hermes, Burberry, Giorgio Armani, and John Galliano.

I dressed up my male MWAH (Mark’s Women and Hunks) models and I made them wear my international designer collections and they looked fabulous.

The longer I write about men's fashion, the more inclined I am to say what men should own so that they would look smarter and more fashionable.

A basic men's wardrobe would not be complete without a clean, comfortable, shiny and classy shoe.

When I was in college I was so happy to have a pair of Sperry Topsider shoes. If you were wearing this brand that time, you are IN.

I went to Boracay in the mid-80s with my friends when that island was still not commercialized. In the evening, I moved around the island wearing my topsider. It was dark since there was no electrification yet there. I stepped into a broken wood and my shoe was damaged. I recalled feeling awful because the shoes were expensive.

Here's what I think makes up a basic shoe wardrobe for men:

First are your formal shoes. It is usually made in leather. It can be with a lace or none. The colors are usually black, white or brown. These can be worn when you attend formal receptions,

weddings, and even funerals.

You should have casual shoes, too. It is less formal and can be worn when you go malling or attend less formal parties and gatherings.

Sneakers are comfortable shoes and you don’t need to wear socks and this can be considered a rugged shoe.

It is also good that you have a pair of sandals that are good to look— super casual and it is great for summer.

If you love sports, then you should have shoes that fit for the sports you are in. Like basketball, running, athletics, volleyball, football or you are just jogging and walking for good health.

This is my tribute to my favorite shoe designers for they make me more fashionable and trendy with this column.