THE Diocese of Bacolod will mark on June 8, the Feast of Pentecost, as the Diocesan Day of Prayer for Enlightenment and Conversion.

Bishop Vicente Navarra issued a pastoral letter entitled “Defeating Babel with Pentecost” that will be read during masses this coming Sunday in all parishes and chaplaincies of the Diocese.

The pastoral letter is being issued in view of the conflicting and confusing scenarios brought about by the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and Disbursement Acceleration Fund (DAF) issues that are presently affecting the nation.

Navarra dubbed the present crisis as the “Babel of Today.”

“We lament and bewail the bitter fruits of dishonesty, fraudulence and decay brought about by the shameless stealing from the nation’s coffers,” the pastoral letter said.

It called on the government leaders to “face up to the truth’s abiding demand for transparency and accountability.” It also appealed that the nation’s leaders “initiate without delay and without partiality the necessary legal proceedings and let all those ‘named’ in the controversial pork scam lists, prove themselves innocent in a proper forum.”

Noting that there is the tendency to use this issue for partisan politics, the Bishop through the pastoral letter “urges and forewarns government officials not to make political affiliations become an impediment to the truth-seeking process.”

The Catholic faithful are urged to pray to the Holy Spirit for the truth and to be vigilant against corruption and to be insistent in demanding that justice will prevail, the Diocese said.